Bulk Earthworks

Site Preparation

At Inco Group our focus is on delivering high quality bulk earthworks for major civil construction and infrastructure projects. We service all areas throughout NSW and QLD.

Our many years of collaborating with companies, contractors, sub-contractors, consultants and suppliers has armed us with the expertise required to provide specialised levels of service and we are continuously evolving and scaling to ensure we deliver high value, cost effective civil construction projects.

With a large fleet of heavy-duty machines and a team of capable operators

We are fully equipped to undertake work on bulk earthwork infrastructure projects like dams and railways. All members of our team are leaders in their field and as a group, we operate to complete projects that we can be proud of, according to the brief, on time and on budget.

We provide comprehensive bulk earthworks services, encompassing the initial stages of basic planning, design and vegetation clearing, right through to the final steps of levelling the site in preparation for construction.

Regardless of the complexity of the site and the scope of the project, we can assist

We are adept at even the most extensive excavation and removal of entrenched rocks, tree roots and other deeply embedded materials. Experienced with bulk earthworks across civil infrastructure development projects for water, public space and transport industries, we have a team of highly skilled operators who are site compliant and knowledgeable in site specific practices.

Given our extensive experience with bulk earthworks, we also know the importance of understanding best practices and considering environmental impact.

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Drainage Solutions

Water Management

Efficient integrated drainage solutions are a key component of any infrastructure project. At INCO Group we implement earthworks for highly effective drainage systems for water direction, sewage management and flood mitigation, tailored to individual developments.

Specialising in trench excavation and pipe laying for sewer and storm water networks, we have an experienced and innovative team skilled in civil, water and waste water management across a wide range of projects. Our capabilities include reticulation systems for mitigating potential blockages and reducing run off to prevent localised flooding which can greatly impact the integrity of buildings, roads and footpaths.

We have the expertise and the required resources to carry out major earthworks for total drainage solutions

For a diverse range of civil infrastructure, commercial, mining and industrial projects. We understand the complexities of these projects and work closely with all stakeholders and consultants to ensure the delivery of expected results. We handle everything from excavating trenches and laying pipes to specifications and testing construction chambers and connections.

Our experienced team can manage all elements of civil drainage projects competently, with a focus on delivering a successful outcome on time, on budget and according to the brief, while prioritising safety.

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Road Construction

Development & Repairs

Whether new road construction or repairs to existing roads, INCO Civil can accommodate projects throughout NSW and QLD. Our road construction experience includes roads and bridges for civil construction, residential, industrial and commercial, as well as roads for private developers.

We are continually upgrading our knowledge and expertise with research and development of innovative bulk earthworks and construction techniques, and best practices. Our resources include a fleet of well-maintained heavy plant machinery and equipment for road stabilisation, pothole repair, sealing and grading, and bridge building.

Bulk earthworks for road construction and repair can typically involve:

  • Utility service relocations
  • Storm water drainage solutions
  • Clearing & stripping
  • Footpath placements
  • Stabilisation
  • Sealing & asphalt
  • Landscaping
  • Working to environmental considerations
  • Traffic management

Working to OH&S regulations, we prioritise safety and meet or exceed all regulation and compliance requirements for all industry sectors we contract with.

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Residential & Industrial Subdivisions

Urban Development

From the initial stages of planning through to completion of construction, INCO Civil has the resources and expertise to carry out major earthworks for subdivisions and land developments throughout NSW and QLD.

We can manage all scopes of excavation and earthworks for residential, commercial and industrial subdivisions, regardless of size and complexity. This includes laying foundations, bulk excavation and drainage work ensuring the job is done on time and on budget.

Highly experienced with complex land clearing and site remediation for commercial land developments through to residential and industrial subdivisions, and even shopping centres

We are well equipped with a reliable fleet to handle land grading, stabilisation of slopes and compaction of gravel material, with consideration to environmental impact.

Our expertise in subdivision development extends to understanding the complexities of compliance documentation to meet council regulation requirements, we can provide assistance if required.

Our subdivision services are diverse and can include:

  • Bulk earthworks
  • Cut to fill
  • Construction of footpaths
  • Water infrastructure
  • Sewer infrastructure
  • Electrical infrastructure
  • Storm water drainage & infrastructure
  • Asphalt roads with kerb construction
  • Road & intersection upgrades
  • Carpark construction

Every subdivision needs utility services such as gas, sewer, water mains, electrical and communication services installed. As an experienced bulk earthworks team, we have the expertise to provide the foundational requirements for these services, tailored to the individual project, whether residential, commercial, industrial or civil.

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Our Equipment

We conduct rigorous inspections and regular maintenance on each of our machines, to ensure they remain reliable and working at full capacity, at all times.

The INCO team is prepared to handle projects of any scope. We can work on minor earthwork jobs and dam desilting projects right through to developing huge residential areas and industrial parks. We provide the same, high-quality service to both new businesses and large corporations.

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Supplier Relationships

Inco Group have strong supplier relationships and are always able to source additional machinery, attachments or related equipment to suit the client’s needs. Inco Group can provide details of any additional requirements upon request. Inco Group machinery specs are available on request.

Our Capability Statement

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